Day 79

I almost hit another person at the Platte Canyon road 4-way stop because they decided that when two people go the way they go, it’s their turn to go too rather than let cross traffic have a chance. 4-way stops are too hard!!

Why does Facebook say “The message could not be posted to this Timeline.” sometimes? I have to refresh the page and paste everything back in, then it works. Clicking “photo/video” and then clicking “Status” again seems to make it OK to post. So strange.

I really like it when people do the things they are supposed to do.
I really don’t like it when people blame the wrong person for something they didn’t do.

“No share button so I had to share it manually” I am sorry I wasted all the remaining time you had in your day.

I just signed a Model Release form. Release all the models to me, please.

Signing documents with Preview’s Annotate is awesome.

I am about to buy 600 pens.

Mel went to another state for a day. Now I am in charge of my business, my home, and someone else’s business this week.

I did some contract research work tonight. Earned some extra cash.

Startup shirt of the day: WordPress CodePoet

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