Day 8

Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Feeling the pressure of Technical Integrity (real job), Denver Startup Week organization, The Startup Shirt, and Denwhere? stuff. It’s a lot. It’s all happening this week, apparently.

I need to redo my business budgets. I need to pay my last month’s sale’s tax too.

All over these emails today, however it’s a bit like digging out the bottom of a pile of sand. Yeah, you’re getting somewhere but all the evidence in front of you is to the contrary.

I set traps for a contractor to see if they were doing simple things they were asked to do. So far, I am not seeing that those things are done. Not happy.

The uber-nice cleaning lady for our apt told me that we are clean compared to other people. And here I thought we were cluttered and disorganized. I was apologizing for the mess.

Is it antiquated to tip your hat?

I left my coffee on the counter again.

Saw a pan handler on South Quebec and Belleview. He was playing with his cell phone.

I’m happy for this rainy weather. Pants are awesome.

It’s genuinely warm in 1700 Broadway (big building downtown), like they mean for it to be warm. I wonder what that’s costing them.

Focusing on first time user only, rather than on the users you already have is a lame business model. Take care of the people you already have!!

If you listen to “This Girl is on Fire” 200 times, it would take 13 hours.

I am still wearing my old glasses. I have new ones that cost $300, but they make my right eye feel weird and the company I bought them from screwed up the frames. I am not happy. They are avoiding me.

FaceTime was made for parents, I am convinced of this.

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