Day 80

My truck was running, showing no gas but only 50 miles on the tank

My truck was running, showing no gas but only 50 miles on the tank

Everyone assumes you’re just jacking around when you are using your phone. Guess what? I’m working!! From my phone!! Seriously.

I am still trying to figure out if twitter is worth posting to for me. As of late, I get very little interaction there.

Still sick, but hoping these meds are working. The coughing needs to stop!

Someone used RIF in an email to me. They meant “Reduction in Force” but I read “Resistance is futile” — maybe a little too much Star Trek TNG recently? Nahh

Mucinex DM is now on my list of “Never take that again”, because it causes a near-panic anxiety in me that is just no freaking fun.

I am a runner. For a long time, when shit hit the fan, I would make loud angry noises and run the fuck away. Being pissed and angry is something I still work on. Every. Single. Day. I like to blow off steam rather than take action, but it comes out as loud angry noises. I am working on this too. I have learned that running can be a good option, but in so many situations staying and slugging it out can be worth way more. This is especially true in a job, I cannot let the stress of the job take me down. I need to leave the job stuff at work, keep the home stuff at home. This is hard. This is really fucking hard. When I work my ass off at work and it ends up with nothing to show for it, I have to look at this as a lesson, because lessons [aka:school] are expensive. You learn lessons that cost you everything, but if you can actually learn the lesson and not just be pissed about it, it’s worth more than the cost of that lesson. This is recruiting. Especially the way we do it. But we put quality first for everything we do. This means we spend a lot of time running in place. This means we may not move as fast as the other companies. but it also means that when we send people, more of them get time on the phone and time in person, because we worked our asses off. This means that the no’s hurt more. Way more. But this is the job we do.

It amazes me how much the kids look off stage on Sesame Street. I never noticed this when I was little, but man it is pervasive and really takes me out of the street.

When people look at their phone and scrunch their faces like they are super concentrating right now, I laugh.

Startup Shirt of the day: Shift Workspaces

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