Day 81

My coffee mug does not leak ever (Contigo is awesome). It does however spray coffee everywhere when I hold the button and turn it upside down as I get into the car.

I bought 2 donuts and some formula at King Soopers, my receipt was 19.25″ long

I listened to Dawn of Midi and Zoe Keating today. That made me happy and much more productive than working in silence.

Facebook thinks links are attachments, probably due to the weird “get the image from the post” thing that they do. It makes posting links tough when FB says it can’t post the attachment every time.

Startup shirt of the day: WP Engine

Stats for the day:
Blog Posts posted: 3
As of 11:04am, 6 todos in Wunderlist and 5 emails in gmail from 4 accounts.

Yesterday you sent 101 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), received 243 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), and removed 236 messages (more than 96% of other Mailstrom users).

Resume alert emails read: 10
Resumes Read: 81
Jobs rewritten: 1
Customers contacted: 4
Candidates contacted: 19

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  • Stuart Donald

    Great Post,

  • Mithu Hassan

    Happy Friday !!

  • Red Boating

    hi matt, if you put some social share buttons on your blog, we can also share your blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, etc

    • Matt Bernier

      I have tried this, but all the plugins that do buttons look like crap and make the site super heavy. I am open to suggestions for sure.

  • Alicia Thibadeau

    Have a great weekend Matt!

  • Jaclyn Anne

    have a super weekend!

  • prowebguru

    have a nice weekend

  • Ming Jong Tey

    Consistent blogging is the best way to gain traction and traffic! Kudos to you!


  • Pet Relocation

    Interesting blog post

  • Lynn O’Connell

    I need to start daily blogging!!

    • Matt Bernier

      I use the iOs notepad app that syncs to iCloud and keep notes throughout the day. Then in the morning I post yesterday’s notes.

  • RadeBigMan

    Got to try this Contigo… Thanks Matt!

    • Matt Bernier

      I love their cups, the no spill EVER feature is awesome.

  • Dazza30

    So that’s 81 posts in 81 days Matt, are you planning your topics ahead of time or just writing aout events from that particular day?

    • Matt Bernier

      I keep notes throughout the day and post my notes.

  • Deanna

    Wow, this is a great accountability tool. Nice idea!

    • Matt Bernier

      It’s fun to do and people seem to dig it.

  • Rachel Bloomer

    great activity in your daily life, congrats!

  • Justin Wheeler

    Been looking for a contigo mug for ages… cant seem to find them down here in Peru… Now I know the company will order it by mail next time I am in the US!

    • Matt Bernier

      Can you get it shipped via

      • Justin Wheeler

        Nope, although I can pay for a shipping address in the USA who will then ship it on to me for an additional fee! However I think I will just order one and have it delivered when I am next in the US! Thinking Florida possibly in November and California in January, so should be able to manage one or the other! :)

        • Matt Bernier

          That’s a bummer, but I get it. Maybe you and I should start an import business :)

  • George J Lloyd

    Interesting concept… day by day… Cheers!

    • Matt Bernier


  • Habodabi

    My pet peeve: I bought 2 donuts and some formula at King Soopers, my receipt was 19.25″ long

  • TaylorMiles

    That salad looks good.

  • Michael W

    Great stats.

  • TechnoZeast

    I need to get your non-leaky mug :)

    • Matt Bernier

      It’s awesome. Mine is extra-awesome because my dad found it with Peet’s printed on the side! I love their coffee.

  • Gil Datz

    Matt, I wanted to look around a little, but couldn’t find a place to see all your blogs in one place. I saw the “You might also like” section, and I also saw the forward to Day 82 and back to Day 80. Am I missing it?

    • Gil Datz

      Oops! Just found a better list for it with the little “This entry was posted in Daily” section. I guess that will work.

  • Milieunet

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing