Day 88

I put a 2 week moratorium on meetings. I have one in the next two weeks that was previously scheduled and everything else is not going to happen. It’s time to buckle down and get some uninterrupted work done.

If you offer to buy me a beer and take me to your office’s kegerator, I am totally cool with that. is awesome

When I am working on tasks, I often stop and try to figure out what tasks I am avoiding and why. Then I make sure I do those tasks ASAP.

I refuse to lose money on deals. I will make money on every deal, regardless of sob story or situation. I have to, otherwise my project is not worth my time. It’s not a heartless thing, it’s that I could be making money with the time I spent on this deal and instead I am spending that time to set myself up to pay money out of pocket for your project. That’s not acceptable. Ever.

Want a secret about LinkedIn connections? Make 1st level connections with recruiters. They will always accept and have tons of 1st level connections. Now, you’re quickly connected to everyone.

Melissa bought cookies, with nuts. Guaranteed way that I won’t eat them. She laughed when I looked at her with a confused and bewildered look.

Startup Shirt of the day: Boulder Startup Week 2012

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