Day 89

My HP printer has decided that it both will not properly align the print heads and that it must eat every piece of paper that passes through it. This is making printing very difficult. I attempted to restart it, but it instead decided to eat a paper and then shut off completely. There is no restarting it.

Delegated gmail calendars show a different user creating the event. So, when I send a work invite, it shows that my personal email created the event even though it is on my work calendar. No one needs to know that my personal account created the inviteā€¦ I want my work stuff to show that my work email created that event!

People say, “give me a call any time”. Then I reply with, “How does 3pm sound?”, because frankly, I like to ask and make sure people aren’t pulling my chain.

If you think about it, your name is at the bottom of some list somewhere.

Startup Shirt of the day: It was for 5 minutes, Rackspace. However, that shirt was really tight in the armpit area and I switched to FlyinAway.

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