Day 9



Dropped Melissa off at the airport
I have E by myself for 3 days, I’m scared shitless

I forgot the code to check E in at school again, figured it out.

I greatly dislike going through someone else’s work, step by step, because I don’t trust them to do their job.

Why is that so many people don’t hit reply-all on a thread where people were clearly included for a reason?

For some reason every nalgene I have seen today looks smaller than it should.


Today was filled with a general malaise for everything. I think I was just tired. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.

E’s ass is bright red from something she ate, poor baby. She is happy otherwise, so I am not sure the best thing to do other than lots of cream and constant diaper changes.

My phone had 35 updates waiting

Skip-Bo is a meeting focus strategy and it worked, maybe too well, because no one noticed that the meeting only went for 1 hour yesterday.

I realized the other day that people actually use snapchat. I used it once, got a pic back. Couldn’t figure out wtf happened to it after I saw it. Was confused.

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