Day 93

E is sick again. She is fine, however her eyes were red this morning and it’s against the school rules. With only one car, we can’t afford to drop her off and then go and get her. So, I stayed with her this morning. Mel and I will play pass the baby for the rest of the day.

I am really bad in the in-between time. The reason is that I know if I get started on something, I won’t look up at the clock. I have trained myself to just work till I’m done, which is fine, if the only thing I need to do next is eat lunch or stop working at the end of the day. Otherwise, I sit there waiting for the minutes to click by so that I am not late for the next thing.

Sometimes I just want to be the guy who gives the creepy handshake.

Yesterday you sent 165 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), received 387 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), and removed 358 messages (more than 97% of other Mailstrom users).¬†We’re impressed!

Startup Shirt of the day: StackMob

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