Denver Movember 2010 Pics Day 6

Movember is upon us and Men around the world are donating their time and their faces to fight Men’s Cancers, specifically Prostate Cancer.

What a great event! All you have to do is not shave a part of your face and go to awesome parties celebrating mustaches, how easy can it get?

Today was the first time I could actually clean up my face (my facial hair is slow to grow, anyone got some rogain?).  It is hard to tell, but I have shaved my mustache down the sides of my mouth to my neck. I also have some mutton chops going too…More to come!

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  • Elisa Hebert

    I am so looking forward to the awesomeness of handlebars to your bellybutton.

    • Matt Bernier

      I may have to draw them in… Can’t even get my mustache to grow properly…