Empire Avenue: Go ahead and sell me.

This was originally posted as a reply to a post on a Facebook chat, discussing whether businesses should sell people or not on Empire Avenue.

My opinion is that for people who are playing the game, it doesn’t matter whether you sell – it does not reflect on you as a person or on your game play. Anyone who asks my why I sold will be told exactly why I sold them, not because I don’t like them (I block people I don’t like – and that’s only happened once) It’s because your divs are crappy or your ticker is suffering some horrible tragedy, more than likely because you aren’t playing (yes, I keep vacationers).
For a business I see that there could be an issue in that, you may frustrate someone or seem to be less loyal to your fans. But until social media, what sort of companies went out of their way to do anything other than try to make more of your money? Coke never did me any favors, Ford sure as hell didn’t.

Why do you care who sells you? They probably have either a good reason or no reason. I take the approach of “whatever”.  It doesn’t change who I am or what I am doing with my life.

When businesses play on Twitter, they mix and match from the following list:
“follow no one” / follow everyone
engage everyone / be a black hole of despair
In either of these scenarios, it doesn’t really matter if someone follows (or buys) me. I can still engage with them, get what I need and move on with my day. Empire Avenue allows for nearly the same thing, if you use your own shout box and their ticker (which is exactly the same as twitter if you think about it)

Is there something that I am missing whereby I should feel slighted if every single person, product or business that I engage with doesn’t follow/buy/like me immediately?
If so, should I be worried that 90% of the people on EAv, 99% of twitter and 99.999% of Facebook don’t know who I am and don’t buy/like/friend/follow me, because that could get pretty depressing very quickly.

I am all for doing everything you can to get your name out there, meet people, socialize, make friends, and make contacts for business but every time in my life when I have stopped to worry about whether someone liked me and why not, it has cast a nasty shadow over my life. Frankly, I am just not sure it is worth it.

If I am missing something, took the wrong approach here, or am just completely wrong/bacwards/use too many slashes, I am 100% open to all opinions, ideas, and facts. SM is all about being social, discussing things, and learning from each other…right?

P.S. If you want to sell me after this, my EAv URL is http://empireavenue.com/mb?ernier – but don’t tell me you sold me, because I don’t really care. I won’t sell you back and I will still like you all the same.

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