Grilling Brats

I have always grilled brats straight up on the grill. Usually they turn out great but sometimes they will either explode and get dried out or they will get burned on the outside and then be raw in the middle. Unacceptable. Brats are one of the most glorious meats on this planet and should be cooked and eaten with respect.

I went in search of suggestions and some friends online suggested a method of cooking brats that I had seen before but never really paid attention to. I got some aluminum tins, some beer, and some onions. I cooked the brats in the beer over the grill until they were cooked all the way through, then transferred them to the grill for finishing. You can see the finished product is a perfect pork deliciousness.

Recently, I have been lazy and so I actually boil the brats in beer on the stove then transfer them to the grill. This method works just as well and doesn’t require all the extra stuff.

For the onions I learned not to drown them in beer when cooking them because they won’t cook down… or at least it seems like they take FOREVER to cook down. So I will still marinate them and then drain 90% of the beer off. ¬†Also, the onions in the pan on the grill provide a great “safe place” for the brats when they’re done but they need to stay warm.

Updated (10-8-2012): Added picture of beer boiling the brats, it adds flava and it makes sure the brats are well cooked before grilling which keeps them from burning on the grill but still allows them to get the grill flavor.

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