Note: I know that this doesn’t begin to SOLVE the problems that we see in the US with guns and their regulation and control. My ideas below are just a couple of ideas that spawned in my brain cavity when I was talking about guns today.  I would love your feedback and ideas about what I am proposing here.

Guns are awesome. They are fun to shoot, have some purpose (hunting, sport, etc) and they are dangerous as all hell. So are cars.

Let’s take a note from how cars are bought and sold and regulated, but improve upon this process:

  1. Require the sale of guns to be done with paperwork that must be filled out and filed at a registered dealer. So, I can still sell a gun on Craigslist, but I have to fill out some paperwork and file it through a dealer the day of the sale. Make the process of paperwork and filing a fixed price cost, say $20, that goes to gun-violence relief organizations. This makes sure we know who owns the gun and the ownership was transferred properly.
  2. Secondary to #1, if you sell a gun and the paperwork is not properly filled out, then there is probation or a fine that will be dealt out to you if the gun is used in some illegal manner.
  3. Whenever a gun is manufactured or a previously un-registered gun is sold, require the gun to be shot in a controlled environment so the gun-print can be filed in the national FBI database. This means that we will know which gun fired the bullet in case of a crime.
  4. If you’re caught with an unregistered gun, it can be taken away from you and immediately destroyed along with a fine or other punishment. This way, everyone who wants their gun will have to keep it registered.

These are just ideas, but they make sure that the guns are registered to the right person. It doesn’t solve the problem of someone stealing a gun or illegal arms being sold. What it does do is make sure that if you own a gun and lose it or you sell a gun, you will want to make sure that the right people are notified in the right way. Otherwise, you are on the hook for a fine or punishment if they do something stupid with it.

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