Hangover breakfast

If you go through the photos you will see how this progressed, but I made the final product the featured image so I’ve already spoiled the surprise. #spoilerAlert!

Hashbrowns are relatively easy, once you learn to squeeze the potatoes before you cook them. Otherwise, they never cook right and you spend years wondering how the hell every fry-cook in the tri-state area can cook better hashbrowns than you can. That wasn’t me, I’m just illustrating. Ok, it was me.

Shred ’em, squeeze the liquid out (like a giant would do to you if he was hungry and thought you were a ketchup packet, which is basically what you are), mix in the good stuff (spices, green peppers, whatever “good stuff” means to you) and then cook them in some sort of fatty liquid (butter, animal fatty liquids, or canola – they all taste different).

I cooked these ones in the sausage grease, because that’s delicious! I also put a little butter, ala Paula Deen style, because it adds some flavor and I believe helps cook the insides as the butter vaporizes. Science has the proof of this, I don’t.

This is called Hangover Breakfast because of the final product, not because I was drunk. If I was drunk, it would have been all put together in a pan and cooked at the same time instead of shaped and beautiful. Oh, and I’m lame and don’t go drinking like college anymore so hangovers just don’t happen.

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