Hot Salsa!

I have made salsa and posted about it once before, by smoking the peppers in the smoker and then putting it all together. This was actually time #3, I believe, for my salsa making this year.

The only difference here is that I took more pictures and I put way more peppers in this one. All said and done I had 7 serranos, 5┬áJalape├▒os, 3 cayennes, 4 yellow chili peppers (I think they are banana peppers but the store labels them funny) and 2 pasilla peppers that were smoked, cut, and grinded up to a pulp for my salsa. The only thing I removed were stems, burnt skin and I didn’t remove any seeds.

My goal was to create a ring stinger, if you know what I mean. This stuff better be HOT. I should have grabbed a couple habaneros for good measure but I didn’t see any at the store.

All the yellow tomatoes, the smaller red tomatoes, and the cayenne peppers came from my garden. Everything else was store bought, because I am a dirty scoundrel of a cheater and because my garden has been acting all weird this summer. The really dry-hot weather didn’t help anything.

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