How I am making more money from my mining equipment than I can with multipool

Crypto currency mining is fun, it’s a lot of fun. You buy a machine, plug it into both the internet and electricity, you change a configuration file, and then money starts showing up in your wallet. How could life get any better? If you have semi-efficient equipment, you can receive more value from mining than you spend in electricity, which is nice too. With 67MH/s I can make around $13-15 a day from, this is based on a recent 2-day average. The number changes day to day of course, based on the exchange rates of the various coins.

Ok, this is great information, but how the hell am I making more money from my mining rig? 

I signed up for a service called*. It is a pretty ingenious and simple method for allowing people to rent out their mining rigs. You just point your rig at their site, instead of your pool. Then you go into their site and add your pool data. If your rig is not rented out, you mine at your pool like you would normally. If someone rents out your rig, you mine for them, but they pay you for the time they use your mining rig.

I am making a little over 1.5x what I would make from mining at Multipool by myself, by allowing someone else to jump in an use my miner whenever they want.

* That is an affiliate link and I get a little bit of extra money if you use this link, sign up and either rent our your rig, or rent someone else’s mining rig.

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