How much does our national debt weigh?

I previously wrote an article about how much a pound of 50s would be worth, and for some reason I think it’s fun to put money into terms of weight.

So, when I saw the visualization of what a stack of 1.14 trillion dollars would look like my first though of course was, “How much would that weigh?”

Quick Math:

1 bill = ~1 gram (assume $100 bill like the infographic)

1.14 trillion dollars in debt divided by $100 =11.4 billion $100 bills

11.4 billion $100 bills at one gram each = 11.4 billion grams or 11,400 metric tons

To put that into perspective my favorite math site in the world, Wolfram Alpha, gave me some numbers:

This is pretty interesting, because according to the original infographic our pile of money would be ~1.5x the height of the Empire State Building!

Another interesting Infographic about our national debt.


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