How to add multiple lines to a facebook comment

I like to add little tips of things I notice that other people don’t know how to do that I have figured out.

Sometimes you want to have a comment with multile formatted lines in Facebook so that it looks good or is readable.  There are three really easy ways to do this:


First: Copy & Paste! 

Use a text editor or (ugh) Word and write out your formatted comment. Copy it, Paste it into your comment box on Facebook


Second: Use your enter key

On a Mac you can hit Shift+Enter to get a new line without submitting the comment. I believe on a Windoze OS you can do CTRL+Enter. (please verify in comments?)


Third: Go back and edit!

You can edit your comments for a short time after you post them. So, you can go back and add the formatting later.


Edit: I originally said “CMD+Enter” and that is incorrect. It should be “Shift+Enter”. –Thanks Paul Merrill!!

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  • Paul Merrill

    It’s shift-enter for me (on a Mac).

    • admin

      You are absolutely correct. I wrote that from memory, because in some places I have had to use CMD+Enter and not Shift+Enter. It would have been so easy to go and check it before publishing, but I thought I had my reflex for hitting the right buttons figured out in my head. Or something.
      Fixing my post.
      Thanks Paul!!

    • Raihan Khan

      Its shift+Enter for windows too….

  • Ravi