How to remove a book from Facebook books

I had a book in my profile that I didn’t want. I could not figure out who to delete it, because every normal UI element I could think of didn’t exist.

Here’s what I did:

  • Search for the book you don’t want on your profile through “books”
  • Click on the title even though it says “already in your read list”
  • A little pop up will happen that says “Add to your read list”
  • Now, it will add it to the “recently added list” with a plus sign
  • click the plus sign, you might have to click it twice
  • You should see a note that says, “removed from your read list”

Note: This was done on an iPad and it worked great. Good luck through the computer, I have no clue there.

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  • Gary Brewer

    I think every kid needs to read this!