I got a smoker

My parents-in-law gave me a gift card to Home Depot, probably thinking that I would use it to fix some issue around our house. I did do that, I fixed the distinct lack of smoked meats around our house. I am grateful for their gift and I vow to make sure it keeps on giving, as often as possible. Mmmmm…hickory/apple/whatever smoked meats.

I tell everyone that the first thing I cooked on the smoker was bacon. This is partially true, in that I smoked the bacon second, meaning it wasn’t at all the first thing I cooked. It was the first meat I smoked (giggle) and so I count it. It’s election season, I am allowed to waffle and lie a bit, OK!?

While the smoker heated up, I tossed the peppers on and let them cook so I could use them in some salsa I was working on.

Once the smoker was hot, ready to go, and not likely to flame up and destroy the most heavenly meat man has ever invented (duh, bacon), I cooked the bacon. It was like bacon jerky. I highly suggest you bring me 2-3 pounds of bacon and I will smoke it for you. Then we will eat like kings who smell like campfire and probably have whiskey or beer on our breath.

I use lump charcoal.

Bacon has it’s own category on my site, because while it is technically pork the parts are greater than the whole.

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