IE I hate you

  1. When you have pop-ups blocked for a domain and then I allow them. DO NOT refresh my browser. In the age of AJAX, this can cause SERIOUS problems. And it is fucking annoying. You should at the very least ASK me if I WANT to refresh the page. Most websites that I have seen recently that have pop-ups have more than 1 way to get that pop up to happen. In fact, if I click a button or check box or something then you should probably just go ahead and allow the damn thing to pop up because it is probably my fault it’s coming up anyways.
    Anyone who tells me to turn off pop-up blocker can go stuff yourself, you know as well as I do that is a bad idea.
  2. When I go to a secure page, whether this is a new install of Windoze or not, DO NOT ask me if I want to view this secure page. HELL YES I want to view the secure page. I would RATHER view the secure page. Why would you think that I would NOT want to view it?

OMG, you are about to view a page that is MORE secure than the page you are viewing currently. Are you sure you want to be SAFELY browsing the intertubes?

Seriously? Seriously.

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  • Pat Cook

    What I hate EVEN WORSE is programs that open web pages after I either install. close or uninstall them.

    I mean it’s like LOOK! If these douchebags don’t realize they can’t expect to make any SERIOUS $$$ WITHOUT putting in some $$$ first, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING ON THE FUCKIN’ INTERNET!!!

    Know what I mean?

    • Matt Bernier

      I do understand your frustration with desktop software that makes a web page come up, that is freaking annoying just because they are causing things to happen on my computer that I did not ask for.

      I am a little confused about your money comments though. What do you mean by that?