I’m looking for a new kind of todo list

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Highest priority:

  • Clean UI
  • Syncing across devices (ipad, iphone, android, MBP, and web)
  • Universal todo list – similar concept to universal inbox for email
    • identify which list this task is from by name in the task
    • organize my due date, then priority
  • Individual lists – so items can be organized
  • Tasks get color-codes based on priority and background pattern (cross hatch, polka dot, whatever) based on list

Medium Priority

  • Ability to tag an email in gmail, have it show up in that list by tag (i.e. work-medium)
    • Link to the email so I can archive it, or even better use the gmail API to archive when the task is complete
    • Reply, reply-all, forward this email through task app
  • Ability to create an evernote document from a task or for a task
  • Pomodoro integration – define types of tasks or tags on tasks that need to be done, rotate through a pomodoro timer based on lists, tags, etc.
  • Ability to attach files from dropbox to a task
  • Sharing lists, ala Wunderlist

Low priority, but still awesome:

  • Developer API for the task list
  • Ability to use ifttt with the task list
    • Example: Pull in an RSS feed, add this to a specific task list at a specific priority
    • Put a task in a list with a time/date, if time date is past ifttt pulls it in and does something. Then, archives the item. (this would probably be two ifttt recipes, but you get the point)
  • Ability to make an Evernote note into a task, link it, less important but adds flair: modify the note and sync mods to Evernote’s server
  • Integration with project management software like TeamworkPM.

Hints: If you were to take Wunderlist’s UI and add these features, I would be sold.

This would work gloriously with my post about being more organized and it would allow me to get way more done from ALL of my lists because they are combined instead of having them seperated. As it is right now, I will get heads down on one list and ignore the others which is less than ideal!

Edit: It looks like Wunderlist has an API..so you could potentially just build all of this on top of their system…

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