I’m working on a couple ideas

The joke in my title is the phrase “a couple”…

So, my brain works in such a way that ideas are always coming in and then flying out. This is why I use things like Evernote to write it all down.  I currently have 415 notes in Evernote, 21 of those are in my “Ideas” notebook. Of those 21, about half are lists of ideas. So yeah, I come up with stuff all the time. Little things I see, hear, or experience will inspire me to write something down for later.

I realized that I needed a way to conceptualize these ideas and find commonalities between them. My lists are not helping me to do this.

My solution was to find a way to link ideas together without having to develop some super complicated system. I looked around and realized that this solution was right in front of my face.  WordPress can do this very easily with the tagging and categories functionality.

I found a couple plugins that will do tag suggestions and I am categorizing the ideas on my own. I give them a title, a short paragraph or whatever notes I already have and then I publish. This allows me to link between posts as well as see which tags are bubbling to the top. I can also see which categories are most common with my ideas.

My goal is to create a sort of “idea map” that would allow me to see my ideas visually. I know that there are tons of ways to do this with mindmaps and the likes, but mind maps are so damn tedious and I never get anything out of them beyond what I could get from a well built nested list.

I will eventually share this idea site that I have. I should say that it is not the site where I put public ideas that I think other people should do, although I might integrate those ideas into this site with a link just to see how they effect the data set. It is a site where I put all the ideas that I like for me. 😉  I will never be able to do all, most, or even some of them so I will share it. I just want to get more of my ideas written in before I give it all away. At least then any onlookers will be drowned in my idea soup and I’ll have a chance to play around with the ones I like the most.


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