iPhone: Listen to music while on a call

This is a weird “feature” in the iPhone, but a cool one and it is simple to do!

  1. Start a call with someone
  2. Navigate to your iPod app and start it up
  3. Choose a song or podcast
  4. Enjoy!

The other person will not be able to hear it, and you should still be able to hear them over the music!

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  • Navyn

    Also when you answer a call from your earplugs, double press the answer button during the incoming call and you will listen to the music along with the callers voice!

  • Ayan Shaikh

    Is there any possibility the music can be listen on other end while on a call

    • http://mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

      Not unless you make it really loud and the sound vibrates off your face into the receiver… But then, if that person talks you would get that piercing high pitch feedback too.