I’ve Started A New Project: My City Headlines

Yes, I have heard it more times than I can count:

How many projects do you have?

The answer is, too many, of course!  When you are a person like me, your mind is constantly racing and you see ideas and opportunity everywhere.  Or at least I like to think that it is that…and not just insanity.

I started a new project recently, called My City Headlines.

The idea behind the project is to aggregate specific city’s news in one place.  This provides people with a single location to get their local news without having to search multiple sites.

I am inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop.com.  They pick a subject, any subject, and find the top news/blog sites on that subject from around the web and aggregate their headlines on one page.  This is a really cool idea and it seems to be doing well.  If you follow Guy Kawasaki on Twitter, you will quickly notice that they are constantly adding new subjects to their site.

I wanted to take this idea, without completely ripping it off, and provide a similar service in my own way.  Not only do I aggregate the news from a city on a single page, but I provide subject based RSS feeds that aggregate the headlines and excerpts into a single feed.

I hope that people find this site useful.  For more information or to see if your city is added yet, please visit http://www.mycityheadlines.com.  If you want your city added, you can comment on this post and I will add your city ASAP.

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