Maxine Needs a Home

This is Maxine. She is a Spayed 25-pound Rat Terrier (no breed papers; possibly a mix).  She was a rescue who had been abused, so she has confidence and lacks some social skills. Overall she is an amazingly sweet dog.  I have met Maxine multiple times and think she’s great, even though she had to warm up to me.

A dear friend of mine has had Maxine for 6 years, but recently Maxine was being given a little too much love by my friend’s little girl and was not interested.  She is a little skittish around new people, or those who want to lavish attention on her.  As such, she bit my friends daughter.  It was not a serious bite, but enough of one that my friend wants to make sure she finds a good quiet home where she can be happy.

From my friend:

Maxine has been part of our family for 6 years, but the time has come for her to hopefully go to a quieter home with no children.  If you are not able or willing to adopt Maxine, please consider sharing this e-mail with anyone else you can think of who may make a good match.  If a good home can’t be found ASAP, we will have to euthanize.  Here is a little about her:

Maxine, born December 2002 (8 years old)

Adopted by Erin & Jim December 2004; she was a rehab rescue from a prison puppy organization, and we were told she had been abused by her previous owners.

Will be evaluated for rabies and revaccinated this Thursday.

Overall, she is a physically healthy dog.

Timid, skittish, shy, so she needs a calm setting with patient owners.

Housetrained and communicates in/out needs well. *She is an indoor dog.

Will come with plastic cage w/ bedding (she loves), some food, bowls, collar, leash, bed.

Likes to chew rawhide bones, chase balls, and run.  She has been easily trained to not go upstairs, leave kid toys alone, and knows basic “sit” and “down” commands.

She’s not good socially with other dogs or lots of strange people.  New family needs to be calm and patient.  She does great with cats and a few dogs.


Please contact me ASAP with any inquiries.  Thanks for giving Maxine a chance.

Maxine is currently in KC, but if you are interested, we will find a way to get her where you are.

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