My 2010 goals

Last year, I did not have any specific goals.  I spent the year trying to figure out what I wanted and where I wanted to go.  I am not sure that I have figured everything out, but from where I am standing right now I have been able to identify a few things that I am want to achieve.

Through my work as a programmer I have learned that having a defined set of goals, guidelines, or even a specification gives me the target so that all I have to do is break down the steps to reach that goal.  Things change, targets start moving, but the steps will still get me close to achieving my goals.

The following are a list of the goals that I will accomplish this year.


I have been finding great guidance in some of the books I have read this past year.  They have been informative, teaching, and helped me to make decisions which have improved my work ethic and my ability to accomplish my goals.  I know this sounds sappy, but its the truth.

Recently, I purchased the following books, which I hope to read.  I will be finding and reading other books as well, just figured I would add these to the list since reading does take quite a bit of time.

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Melissa and I renewed our current lease until November 2010.  When our lease is up, we will move into a house.  We have been saving and will continue to save anything extra past our bills (we have a well-defined budget) towards the down payment of a house.

As well as purchasing a house and making our mortgage payments without fail, we will also work hard to get rid of our student loans.

I am already started on my goal to lose 15 pounds. I have been lowering my food intake and eating smarter, this is hard for me to do as I really like food.  I would prefer to eat something different at every meal and not repeat more than once a week.

Reinforce Media

My company is called Reinforce Media, LLC. Since I registered my company with the State of Colorado it has been in the red.  My goal is to get Reinforce Media into the black.  I will do this by finishing builds on my projects, posting on my blogs, and generally working my ass off. – My goal is to have at least 5 active blogs including TwitterUserOfTheWeek, Tony On Business – I will post to these sites more often, sharing quality information and how-tos.  I already have a list of articles to write. – My goal is to achieve over 150 hits per post, currently this site averages 83.  This site is just for fun, but it would be nice to see it get more popular. – I will continue to improve the current functionality, speed up the features, and add new features which will help draw more people to the site. – My goal for this site is to sell an average of 3 boxes per month throughout the year.  This site is all due to a joke that I heard in college, but people seem genuinely interested in what we are doing.  At the very least it will be fun to work on and create some great blog posts on this domain. – I will get a 1.0 version of this site up and running.  The idea of this site is to help identify true spammers and remove them from Twitter as soon and as effectively as possible. – I will take Twindicate live and begin charging a monthly subscription fee for users of the site. – I will continue to write articles once a week about top-notch Twitter Users who deserve to have their name and story shared.  My goal for this site is to improve the traffic of the site from an average of 470 hits per article to 1000.


My goal is to continue to use Twitter to discover new friends, improve the relationships I currently have, to help unique twitter users discover each other, to provide information and help wherever possible, to share the ideas and projects that my friends and followers are working on, and to promote my current projects.  If that isn’t enough, I will also do my best to discuss the merits of Cherry Coke as much as possible.

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