My Letter to Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

I sent this message through the Floyd’s 99 Barbershop website’s contact form:

Dear Floyd’s,

I have two things for you, first a compliment and second a question.

First, I came into one of your downtown barbershops before my wedding and had an awesome shave. I looked great in my pictures and got some great compliments on the shave.

Second, I am organizing a team for this year.  Movember seeks to help eradicate and teach about Men’s Cancers including prostate cancer.  My team is going to be growing our beards out “No Shave November” style and then chopping them down to Awesome Metal Mustaches on the 30th.  We will be raising money for and The Lance Armstrong Foundation through our efforts.   I was wondering if Floyd’s would be interested in helping us out with our team?

Anything you could provide, be it advice, support, or anything at all would be great.  I am asking you guys because you are a staple in Denver and provide a great service.

Thank you!

Matt Bernier

Metal Mustache Team:

I think it would be great to get these guys involved in the efforts for Movember and The Lance Armstrong Foundation!

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  • @KeithIves

    Matt! Nice work & Great Idea!!!