No Shave November day 7

The neck beard is starting to show up, which means that there will be a little upper-level man-scaping going on today or tomorrow.  I don’t know about you, but the neck beard is just not my thing.

Neck Beards are gross.

Neck Beards are gross.

We have raised $190 dollars so far, an average of $27.15 per day so far!! Not only that but we are ranked #624 in the country for best team.  My goal is get close to #500 by the end of the week!

If you want to join the team, please go here.

If you want to donate to the team, please go here.

Please help!

We need beer, wine, donations, items, etc for our party at the end of the month.  We would like to make it a great party were we can raise tons of money for the cause.  Please send me any information or leads you may have.

Please consider donating Dogecoin if you like my content.


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