On Taking an extreme position

Note: This came from a conversation on Facebook with my high school friend Chris. We were talking about the gun debate, but this conversation applies to so many places so I have made it a bit more generic for the blog.

All the people taking an extreme position in any situation are ridiculous and will always be seen that way by the other side or outsiders. Any social/government/personal concern that is exactly black and white is an outlier. Treating these issues as strictly one way or another makes no strides towards a solution.

People are always going to argue and point fingers at the other side to say, “I disagree because your solution is so far to one side” Whether these are the actual words they use or not, they are arguing opinions and not the actual problem.

So, lets take the high road and rather than look to the people who want to waste time for something to talk about while simultaneously wasting more time, lets look for a real solution. <gun specific stuff>It neither makes sense logistically or realistically to get rid of all guns. We know that much. Also, background checks and psychological tests only work for people who attain guns legally. The “prohibitive” model was proven not to work with alcohol in the 20’s and with drugs today.</gun specific stuff>

What is the solution? I don’t have a clue, but what I can say is that I don’t know if it’s worth the time (or effort) to sit here and continue the same conversation as everyone else by debating the craziness that is going on at the extremes if I can’t provide a better solution.

I think our conversations and our world would be better served not in reiterating what other people are already saying but rather in trying to find a way to improve the world, even if only marginally. If a marginal solution makes even a small direction towards the positive, it seems that’s better than no solution or an extreme solution.

We should look back at historical references to see where people have worked through solutions to big social problems and have successfully made a positive change. I just so happened to be listening to episoide 76 of 99% invisible about an hour after I sent my original message on Facebook. This episode was about how automobiles got past the stigma of “the great killers” to being an everyday part of city life. It seemed very topical to the gun debate.

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