One little bit at a time

I went to an event called ITForChange at Boulder Startup Week. It gave me a little perspective on IT in general, especially what developers and professionals can do to help make things a little better in this world. Now, I am not ready or willing to take on a project right now because frankly I am happy where I am working and want to learn more about this industry.

What I am happy to do is make the world a better place one little bit at a time doing small deeds that may improve only one person’s life, or that could make someone’s job a little easier.  Hopefully someone I help can pass along the good will or go back to work a little happier and project that instead of whatever they had before.

So, when I meet people I often will throw my ideas into the ring for their startup or business. I am not trying to show off, I am trying to give what I know from where I have been and what projects I have worked on to possibly help improve an idea or give it new life that wasn’t there before. This is why I started my ideas tumblr and this is why I was heads down coding a simple plugin for WordPress at Boulder Open Coffee Club instead of heads up, paying attention to the what was going on (see bottom left of pic below).

I am not looking for recognition or any sort of praise, which is why I am not telling you about what code I wrote or what startups I gave ideas to. I started out looking for an excuse to write this blog post so that Google has a link to my ideas blog and so I could show off another picture that I found of me from Boulder Startup Week.  I needed a common theme and decided to bring the subject into my world a bit.

I am actually doing the things above, everyday I get a chance.  And so should you, if you can. Giving, helping, improving are all great things to do. So many people spend so much time trying to be greedy and think about themselves that they forget that if they just give a little of themselves they would get so much back in return.

Look at the nerd, sitting in a group of people...coding...

Thanks to Ef for posting this pic, otherwise I probably never would have seen it.

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