Day 122

[no pictures this day, I was werkin]

CV means “curriculum vitae” or “the course of my career”, not “Cover letter”.

Designer != Developer.
Web Designer != HTML5 UX Developer.

Melissa found an amazing bAwk Bawk pasta liquid recipe. It’s so GOOD.

I switched mail back to using Gmail’s “all in one email” system is good, except that it decides to only check emails once an hour whenever someone wants me to answer right away. That was causing me a bunch of grief.

Latoya isn’t here, take me off your damned list! I have to say this at least once per day. I started recording when these calls came in. If they don’t stop, I am going to start talking to lawyers about harassment.

Shirt of the day: DNVRMO, light blue with iron on letters

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Day 121

Wilker isn't bald...yet.

Wilker isn’t bald…yet.

I finally wore each of the unique shirts I have in my collection. Time to start round two!

I forgot that I had two meetings downtown today. I was sitting here on my ass knocking stuff out, trying to be productive and then WHAM! time to run downtown so that I can make sure I am not late.

“What’s the agenda?”

I was given lunch today for attending a meeting of Denver Digital leaders. I was given a ticket on my car, because I got back to it 20 minutes late.

I think accountants are the most flaky anal people I’ve ever met.

Melissa and I were talking, she said, “oh noooo!!” and Cricket came running into the kitchen looking for dropped food.

Startup shirt of the day: Atlas Purveyors’ “Steep Grind Nosh Explore” – I reset through my shirts. After 50+ days of wearing individual shirts, I reached the end. Time to start through them all again!

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Day 120

I don’t drink Kambucha often. This morning I got a big probiotic snot string out of this jar.

Saw Gravity and actually emoted during a movie. That was weird. Also, this was the first 3D movie that I forgot was 3D during the movie. It truly was fantastic and will be the movie by which I judge all 3D movies going forward.

I didn’t even drink any coffee today. Peet’s, I’m sorry your stock will drop a couple pennies, since my buying schedule will be slightly off.

Saw Ender’s Game and wished the characters had substance. The graphics were nice though.

Startup shirt of the day: Technical Integrity’s “Colorado is for startups”

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Day 119

Vacation day. No puking. Good day.

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Day 118

I always forget how un-fancy we are until we stay at a decent hotel. Oh boy.

We are used to camping and staying at places where we unpack our own vehicle. We did not pack appropriately for a doorman to take our stuff to our room.

E had a dilemma. She had Cheerios in one hand and a sock on the other, but she wanted Cheerios in both hands. So, she stuck the sock hand in her mouth and pulled it off. Problem solved.

E FINALLY went to sleep down the hall at my boss’s party. Mel went to check on her and E had puked, like WAY more than she ate… All over herself, the crib, the wall, and the floor…in my boss’s room. We cleaned it up, but now Mel is down at our room across the hotel with E.

I tried absinthe for the first time tonight. Also, I’m good at pouring.

Shirt of the day: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

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Day 117

2013-11-15 16.20.59I started 4 new people working for me from oDesk today, because the person I was working with had to focus on her full time job. She was awesome, so I am hoping to find a suitable replacement!!

I saw a blog post where these guys posted their profits/losses for the month. I think I might start doing that. I would like to keep track of what my side work does for me and I don’t care if I share it. Should be interesting.

Just realized how far behind on postings I am… ugh.

Startup Shirt of the day: The Startup Shirt

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Day 116

I wish I hadn’t smoked all that weed last night… It was way stronger than I thought and I kept hitting it. Ended up sick and crashing Dave’s house instead of going home.

Now I’m taking the drive of shame home.

My mail app freaked out, showing me an alert window for every calendar notification from the last two years. It crashed my MBP. I went to apple support and asked them to call me. When they did, I pressed 1 for support and then it hung up. I rescheduled and the guy called, showed me which files to delete and now Mail is not freaking out.

I watched a guy justify stealing content from a well loved and well respected local coworking space, put it on his own, and then get reamed by that local community for being a douche. The greatest part was that the community kindly suggested that he take it down first, but when he kept ignoring what they were saying and then got rude, they did. I love the Denver community, it really is awesome.

My baby knows how to do things to my laptop that I don’t know how to do. I never thought I would be the person to say that.

Startup Shirt of the day: Pivot Desk – Dark grey with full color logo

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Day 115

2013-11-13 13.21.58Last night, I went back to sleep training E. She was up for about 2 hours screaming. I wasn’t having it and I am tired of getting up in the middle of the night. So, I would pick her up to calm her down and then set her in her bed. I would rub her back and talk to her. She would stand up and it would start all over again. Eventually, she wore herself out. It was 3:30 and I was wide awake. So, I watched an episode of The Walking Dead. I feel like a walker right now.

My stomach is still not back to normal, although I did put 4 of the 8 pounds I lost back on. Must have been all water weight as predicted, because frankly I haven’t been eating all that much. This morning, my stomach is grumbly. Like, people 10 ft away would hear it, grumbly.

I am so far behind on my postings and videos today, but frankly I don’t care. It is what it is and I have shit to do. Sorry many days of posts were late to be posted, but they got up there eventually.

I had an idea for a business, but would need some help I think. I am always in the mood for trying new things and so it would be cool if there was a “sampler in a box” service where you could try new things each month. Ideas I have had so far, granola bars, chips, soda, candy bars, chocolates — my thoughts all rotated around food, but the point was made. This service could extend to other things as well, like bike parts. Try them out, if you don’t like them send them all back – if they are not returned, damaged, or unsellable we will charge you for them. All the returns would be sold on Woot or a similar site.

This week I am looking for Senior PHP people as well as HTML5 coders. If you refer a friend to me, I will give you a $5 starbucks or iTunes gift card. If I can help them get a job, I’ll hook you up more significantly.

Apps that charge full retail for the upgrade sort of frustrates me. Especially when I have had the software for a while and been such a proponent of it to others. I am not saying I don’t understand the business side of the price, I very much do. I am just saying that it’s worthwhile to take care of your customers who have been very loyal.

I am remembering why I switched back to multiple inboxes after using Gmail’s “unified” inbox previously… Every, single, day, you are an hour behind on something urgent and people say “I sent this to you in an email”.

Startup Shirt of the Day: QuickLeft (one of my favorite shirts)

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Day 114

Coming back from being sick, I’m not eating nearly as much – that’s good – but I feel a bit weak.

I helped some friends move into their house, but didn’t feel safe moving the really heavy stuff. I felt bad, but moved what I could.

I took Melissa and E to the SYTYCD tour show tonight, E didn’t know what to do so she rallied and stayed awake more effectively than I have ever seen before.

I own one purple shirt, one. Somehow I managed to wear it the same day Melissa wore a purple shirt. I should say that the other way around, but whatever.
Shirt of the day: EnjoyWishlist

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Day 113

[no pictures this day]

I feel like shit this morning. Not sleeping and puking all night will do that I guess.

I was able to get out of bed, out to the couch, and watched some TNG today.

Shirt of the day: “spam leads to anger, anger leads to hate” by ReturnPath

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