Passion, Vision, Pure Determination?

It seems like about once a week I stop and think about what I am missing that is keeping me from doing that one thing that will change everything.   I have worked on great projects in the past that I know could be huge, that could be made into something amazing and I feel like I am blind to what to do past the initial product development stage.

I worked on a great project that should have changed an entire industry.  I had high hopes of making a difference and making some money while I did it.  I just couldn’t quite get to the next step with the project. I ran into a wall.  Everyone who worked on the project seemed to run into the wall with me.  Did I lead them there?  If so, why?  About 6 months later, I ran into someone else who built nearly the same exact idea that I had, minus a few features that I thought would have been awesome, and he was making over 100k a year doing it.  When I found out how, I was stunned that I didn’t think of that idea, that I didn’t go that route.  I could have made money the first day my idea was on the internet.

This has happened to me many times.

It makes me stop and think about why I can’t seem to get past product development, the idea phase.  I have talked to people who have said, “You are an idea person, a starter. You need a finisher.”  I think that is true, but I would not know where to look for someone like this.  What is the official title of a “finisher”?  Yes, I am a “starter” or a “creator”, but unlike an artist who knows when his painting is done I am unable to know.  I know that with the right team around me, I can do great things. Who is this team? What do I need to do to make this team? Why did teams in the past not work out?

I look at the people in the world who are succeeding. I know that they put everything they had into a project and the result was greatness.  I have put everything I have into projects in the past, and the result was disillusionment and frustration.  I’m just not sure I know what it takes to get to the next level, the next echelon of success with an idea that I have.  The people I see out there, they LOVE what they are doing. They see the future in what they are doing. They are undeterred from their course.  Passion. Vision. Pure Determination.

I get momentary lapses of passion, where I get an idea and I am unstoppable. I put plans together, I write code, I build something to prove it will work.  I see what I need to do to make it work.  Then, when pure determination should be kicking in, something kicks me in the butt and makes me think, “Nah, it won’t work.” or “No one really wants this” or “I don’t know how to market/sell this” and my determination, passion, and vision is clouded. Then it fades away and dies.

I am not writing this to be depressing, I am writing this in order to try to understand myself and what it is inside of me that causes this to happen.  I am asking myself if I just really need to find people who are “closers” and “finishers”, who can take my ideas and complete them?  I am also looking deep inside and trying to find the reason why some idea or project that I am so obviously enjoying becomes something that I no longer want to think about or work on.

How do you get past this? What do you do with an idea to take it to the next level?

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  • Grant

    Some people simply get lucky.

    You gotta play the game to win though.