Potcoin, why it’s interesting and why now is the time to buy or mine

Potcoin purports itself to be the official cryptocurrency of the cannabis community. That’s all well and good, unless you’re willing to jump in and ACTUALLY be THE cryptocurrency of the cannabis community.

I’m here to tell you that they are going at this 100%.

The guys at potcoin.com are putting dev time, serious money/capital, and marketing effort at getting dispensaries and other community members around the dispensaries to accept and even give discounts for using Potcoin. They will set the shop up with an ATM, teach them what they need to know, give them a merchant wallet, and show them the benefit of no longer accepting cash for goods. Not only all of that, but they are also helping these merchants to keep their reporting above board, easy to read and follow, and totally legal.

There really is nothing like watching a company that realizes the need of an industry and then does everything they can to help it along. Since MMJ and RMJ stores can only accept cash and can’t have bank accounts at most banks, there is a huge problem for these stores from a security and management perspective. Now, with crypto, these merchants can utilize storage space on the blockchain rather than in their safe. This secures their money and their livelihood.

As more merchants, more customers, and more support industry begin to accept Potcoin, we will begin to see the price rise dramatically because it will become the defacto standard for automatic payments and instant reporting of current accounts and profits.

The price is currently at 1/2 of a cent, which means Potcoin is super cheap right now. It’s going to go back up and it will be going back up very soon. ┬áNot only that, but the difficulty for mining is VERY low compared to so many other coins, meaning that you can get your hands on some Potcoin right away with very little effort.

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