My problem with email clients

I have been in search of the Holy Grail of email clients that works in OSX, iOS for both iPad and iPhone and that integrates Gmail well.  Here’s what I am finding so far:


This app has lots of promise and it has all the gmail features. It’s a little too much white space that I can’t seem to control or scale back and while it has little icons for each account – I can’t make my own icon and they are not color coded. This is niggly thing to complain about, but I am a color and patter person when it comes to reading. I scan first to get the lay of the land and then I actually read. Everything being a grey tone is not helpful for me.


Had the most likelihood I would use it. End of lifed by Google. Lots of similar white space issues that Inky has. Also, it hangs quite a bit and when you do a quick reply, you can’t attach a file. Also, it’s not visually easy for me to figure out which persona I am when I reply here. There is no icon, no color coding, no nothing to indicate which email this came to. In the email it just says “to me”. 

Very little gmail integration. It’s heavy even though it’s native to the OSX and it pisses me off that I have to set permissions on it every time I update OSX so that calendar doesn’t send emails through it.


Looked at their site, but it’s only OSX. Didn’t go further than that. Note: They say they have “Account color detection” which I take to assume means exactly what I want. But it doesn’t do me any good to switch between types of apps. I really like having a unified setup.


No OSX version. Also, putting everything in [Mailbox]/labelname is annoying when I go to the web version of gmail. They could easily have just done [Mailbox] labels for only the scheduled stuff and used Gmail labels for everything else, yeah? (Admittedly, there’s probably a damned good reason they didn’t — like people have shitty labels and that’s a support nightmare)


I am seriously considering just importing all my mail to a single account and having each account have a color coded label as it comes in. Seems like the smart thing to do. The mobile app has the color coded labels for iPad and iPhone and the web version is where I spend all my time anways. Also, the mobile app will reply using the email address the email was sent to. I think I’m sold.

Considering that I can easily get to Calendar and Drive on web version makes it even easier. Also, I don’t like switching between an email client and my web browser now that I am used to spending so much time in the browser because I use gmail there.

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