Product Review: Ergotron Neo-Flex

According to FTC rules, I have to disclose that I was given this product by Ergotron for the purpose of doing a product review.

When I was at CES in January I noticed a booth from a company called Ergotron, who I had never heard of (this is actually not true, as you will find out), so I jumped into the booth and started looking around. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to a poster talking about the possibility of winning an Ergotron product for tweeting a picture of myself in their booth. The result:

A couple weeks later, I was contacted by Ergotron announcing that I had won! They gave an email detailing the items that I could choose from.

Immediately, I looked around their site and started eyeballing the other products they had available that I had not seen in their booth. What was funny was that the third thing I clicked on, was the exact stand that was holding up my monitor at work. I DID know who Ergotron was! I was a little embarrassed.

Being the straightforward type of person that I am, and to counteract my embarrassment, I asked the representative if it was possible for me to get one of the stands like I had at work instead of the free prize. She said she would see what she could do.

Within two days I had my response, which was that they would not be able to switch out the prizes. Due to the fact that I liked the monitor stand I had at work so much and that the representative at Ergotron liked my blog, they offered to let me do a product review on the Ergotron Neo-Flex monitor stand I had at work. So, here we are!

I actually really like the monitor stand at work, the reason is that it reliably holds up my monitor, but it does so without taking up more than a couple of inches of desk space. In the past, I have always had monitors that sat right on top of my desk taking up a ton of space. As well, I can adjust the stand in a ton of different positions, which is useful for when I am sharing my screen with one of the guys in the office, or feel like low-riding in my chair.

When I opened the box from Ergotron with the new stand in it, I was excited to have one of my own since they cost $79 on their site. Also, I am a big fan of recreating my desk at work and home so that I can comfortably slide back into productivity.

The packaging was simple, which I liked because I hate having to throw away a ton of trash because I bought something and had it shipped. It was literally a cardboard box, some plasticy protective wrap, instruction manual (in 3 languages), the monitor stand and some various parts in baggies.

You really can’t get more intuitive with this monitor stand. You unscrew the bottom part, slide the assembly onto a desk (or in this case my kitchen counter, because I am getting a new desk), and spin the tightening wheel around. Anyone, arthritis or not, could attach this monitor stand to a desk, or counter top.

To mount the monitor to the stand, all you have to do is pop in some easy to screw in bolts through the stand and into the back of your monitor.

This monitor stand is great because out of the box it is easy to use, easy to set up, completely adjustable and it takes up as little room on your desktop as it possibly could for a desktop monitor stand. To take up any less room, you would have to mount your monitor to the wall. (Yes, I did position this thing straight up pointed at the ceiling just to see if I could)

Thank you to Ergotron for letting me write a review this great monitor stand.

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