The salsa

This post is about the salsa, not the pickles. Pickles was another post. ¬†Although, I will point out that habanero in the front right pickle jar. It’s the brain looking yellow thing between the cucumbers and the asparagus on the front of the jar.

You can see that the salsas are different colors, that’s because I made it twice.

The salsa on the left used mostly Cayenne peppers as the base pepper, tomatoes from the garden and the store, garlic and whatever else I threw in there.

The salso on the right is what I used the smoked peppers for and I would say that it is definitely the better of the two. They are both delicious, but if you come over to my house and have salsa with me it’s likely we’ll be eating off the left jars first. I’m not sorry, that’s how it goes.

My dad has made salsa from his garden for years and so I was tempted by his tradition to do it myself. I get the urge to try it every time I bring in 3-4 pounds of tomatoes from the garden, but until I actually canned something I was too chicken to cook up a ton of salsa. Now that I realized how easy canning is: it’s salsa time. All the time.

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