Smokin’ Bacon

When I got a smoker, I knew that I would be smoking quite a bit of bacon.  I didn’t realize I would blog about, let alone twice!

However, the topic has “gotten real” as the kids used to say, because of this bacon shortage thing that’s happening. I know the pork belly commission wishes they hadn’t taken pork bellies off the futures markets now!

Oh well. I’m still thinking a deep freeze full of bacon isn’t such a bad idea…

This bacon was given to me on my birthday by my dad and step-mom, who apparently know me better than anyone ever. I mean seriously, who gives bacon for a birthday present? Answer: People who love me very much and care about the fact that I love bacon. Possibly too much.

So, the best way to cook bacon is on a smoker. Hands down, no denying it. Tell me differently and I will call you a liar to your face, then make you prove that your bacon is better than smoked bacon.  See what I did there? To prove it, you will have to give me more bacon. I win, we all win, bacon!

Why? Because Bacon.


Note: Bacon has it’s own meat category on this blog. Thank you very much.


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