Staying at the Extended Stay America

The trim pulled back a little bit.

The trim pulled back a little bit. BLECH!

UPDATE: I went to the front last night (8/6) to inquire about whether they were able to put something down for the ants. The manager of the Extended Stay (who was super nice and said she felt awful about the state of the room) talked to me personally, went to the room to look at the carpet and the ants, put down some stuff, and scheduled the maintenance guy to come and clean the carpets. By 11am today, the room and the carpets were cleaned. 

We were glad to find that there was an option for people in limbo between permanent residences. Actual apartments wanted $5k+ for a single month after deposit, pet deposit, first month, pet fees, admin fees, and 30-60 days of break lease fee.

So we signed up for the Extended Stay America just South of Belleview on Quebec in Denver near DTC. Our first week was fairly easy, no big issues. It wasn’t home, but it works just fine.

Our second week started out with a rainstorm outside that lowered the temp to 70 degrees, inside our room was 85+. E, our 9 month old, was sweating. I was sweating and my wife who “never sweats” was sweating. We were sitting on the couch.

I went to the front to talk to the extremely kind person behind the desk and she offered to let us move rooms, which we graciously accepted since our baby was so hot she was pink. We tried putting our fan in the door to blow cooler air into the room, but these rooms have no way for air to go through them. They just recirculate, because they are the sideways moving box of rooms. The windows don’t open and we’re not convinced the bathroom fan actually goes outside.

The new room’s a/c worked when we tested it, so at 9pm we moved what we needed for the night, after being told we had till 1pm to get everything out of the other room. We slept well and got up the next morning around 6am to have breakfast and finish moving things down. By 11:00, even with the baby, we had nearly everything moved down stairs. Although our last two trips around 11:30 were met with the cleaning ladies who were actively put out (comments and attitudes) that we were not out of the room already. They kept asking us when we would be done, we let them know we had till 1pm and would be done in just a couple minutes. They were not happy and walked off in a huff.

The repairman was there and swapped out the whole a/c unit. Had we known what was to come, we would have just slept on the balcony and waited out the hot room. I was convinced he would come into the room, put his hand over the unit and say “It blows cold” and then walk away.

The next night, the a/c in our new room was unable to keep up with the dishwasher and fridge heat exhaust. We had to run the dishwasher because we got some free food on the dishes that came with this room. We felt bad for complaining the first time, so we let it go and just run both our fans until it cools off enough that we can sleep.

The floor in this room was really dirty before our cats sprinkled litter bits all around. After walking around for a couple minutes, my feet look like I walked on asphalt. We figured that just comes with the territory at an Extended Stay and we didn’t want to be little bitches, so we looked the other way. That is, until we got ants. That’s my limit. I guess we should be grateful that it wasn’t cockroaches or mice. We still have 4 days, so who knows. Maybe we’ll contract crabs from this dirty couch.

I want to be clear here, the staff at the front desk have been very nice to us and genuinely want to help. So, tonight I went and told them about the ants and the floor. The lady working the desk said that she would have maintenance do something about the ants. I asked her to NOT allow him to aerosolize anything in the room, since we have a baby and 2 cats who will all probably get sick and die from spray poison in this room where there is no ventilation. She did not however offer to do something about the carpet or cleanliness of this room.

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