Take this idea: Video games dependant on your fitness

I was listening to The Morning Stream yesterday where they were, as per usual, talking about video games. This episode, they mentioned a newer model of video games where people are active while playing.

We have seen this with the Wii, Xbox, Dance Dance Revolution, and tons of movies with Virtual Reality.  I don’t count PlayStations blue dildo thing as an activity based video game, because it falls more into the “hilarious people waving blue and purple dildos around the room” category.

Sidenote: VR should come back, think of the things we could do with it now!

The concept that was presented on their radio show was something along the lines of: “It would be awesome if there was a video game where how well you do is based on your level of fitness and actual ability”.

I love this idea.

It would be awesome if there was some sort of MMO where you play online with others and had to be physically fit or very skilled. Even if this was a FPS. It would be fantastic. Think something along the lines of a physically interactive game that gives you the feel of the Modern Warfare commercials.’;

Last thing, I know that the first implementation would probably be some sort of sports game. This is a terrible first move. Get the FPS or MMO people into this idea first, because you will always be able to sell this idea to sporting game fans.

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