The Logarithmic Curve of The Possibility of Originality vs. Number of Ideas


My theory is that there is a logarithmic curve of the possibility of originality vs. the total number of ideas.  As the number of ideas progresses, the possibiility of originality goes towards zero.  As technology and science mature, and there are more people on the earth the idea curve moves faster from one idea to another.

Sometimes a person is extremely lucky, the stumble upon an idea or a problem and recognize a need without any sort of past struggle with originality.  Typically however, an average idea starts out behind the curve, where originality is negligible.  As a person who generates ideas, an idea person, generates more ideas they learn from their past unoriginal ideas.  They start to pay attention to their own needs, what other people are saying, and subsequently every idea they have will get them closer to the possibility that their idea will be original.  Eventually, an idea will be at or exceed the curve, at this point it is truly original.

The trick is to persevere through the times when your ideas are unoriginal and to get past the paranoia of thinking that someone else has stolen your idea. Unless of course someone you know or were close to, did in fact steal your idea.

People often come up with ideas at the same time, or nearly the same time.  Probably the best example of this phenomenon is the story of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Liebniz, who create Calculus at around the same time.

I have found through my own experience to write every idea down, research the idea, then decide with this new information and knowledge as to whether or not it is worth putting myself fully into that pursuit.  Only after watching myself fail, and come up with ideas that are already implemented, have I realized all of this.

Note: This is a theory that I have come up with in my pursuit to rule the world, or to at least eek out a nice enough existence for myself through my own imagination and work.

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  • Matt Bernier

    This is from my Friend, Josh Dippold of

    Original or even what we perceive to be original ideas are very hard to come by. But I believe there are more to be had in tech because tech is relatively new itself. Or it could be that I’m just on a computer all day long reading about it. :)