The Movember Party was a Success!

I do not have the tallies all in yet, but my estimate is that we raised just about $1500 for The Prostate Cancer Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation at the party!

Thank you to all the people who came to the party, who brought donations both monetary and for the raffle, who helped me keep things running smoothly, and who had a great time.

As I get more pictures and information I will post them both here on my blog and through Twitter so that everyone can get a glimpse of the great fun we had. If you know who all won prizes at the event, I would really appreciate you sharing this information with me so I can share with our sponsors.

Pictures & Articles

@yosoykia took some awesome pictures and posted them on Ossumniss.

Terry Cabeen (@tcabeen) posted an article about Movember.

CBS4 News covered our event!

A roll of raffle tickets and only a small number of the prize envelopes

The movember style guide

@brandonblaine choosing his style

@keithives getting a shave from Brian Poskin

@tekee preparing to get his beard cleaned up into a pretty nice chin strap

@joeburnham pre-shave, getting his shave inspected, and then rocking some awesome handlebars

@markwmann pre-shave, getting his massive beard trimmed down to some amazing mutton chops

@mbernier talking on stage, Mo picture from the day after

@gpelz rocking an awesome Mo-sista ‘stache

@kyleindenver pre-shave, starting the shave, getting shaved, being interviewed during his shave

Special Thanks

I wanted to give special thanks to a couple people who may or may not have gotten that thanks the night of the party:

Thank you to @cerippe and @rackhousepub for giving us this location to have this party, helping set everything up, having amazing food, great beer & whiskey, and for being awesome!

Jason Janell (@meatflag) and Kendal Ruth (@iamkendal) Thank you tremendously for manning the door all night and helping us sell so many raffle tickets

Ashley Kingsley of ASHER SOLUTIONS (@ashleykingsley), Miss Movember herself, thank you so much for helping to gather up so many awesome prizes and for introducing me to the really great people you got the prizes from.

Thank you to @markwmann for helping to organize the event and for bringing Troy Negley (TNegley at archstonemail dot com) our great DJ!

Thank you to @kyleindenver for helping to set everything up and introducing all of us to Brian Poskin

Thank you to Brian Poskin of Ollies for sculpting some amazing Mustaches out of the horrible facial hair most of us called beards.

Thank you to @mistymontano & @CBS4Denver for sending out a camera man and interviewing @kylindenver about our event!

Thank you to @NealStewart & Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Co for sponsoring our event by donating $5.00 for every person in the door and for sampling your great new Hard Cider drink.  I can safely say that people loved the new drink!

Thank you to @RedHeadWriting for introducing me to both Chris Rippe & Neal Stewart!

Thank you to all of the people, businesses and everyone who provided great prizes for the event.

Prize Winners

@snowkitten won the St. Supery Winery Tour

@keithives won The LoHi Steakbar $50 gift certificate

@gabelee won one of the St. Supery Magnums

@DKMayer won the Signed Joe Sakic Jersey Silent Auction

Did you win something? Tell me and I will post your name and prize here!

I guess we will have to try to go bigger and more awesome next year. Since we know we want to do it before Nov 1st, we can be better prepared for an even bigger party!

P.S. If I left anyone out above or you have pics to share just drop me a comment and I will add you ASAP!

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