Today’s twitter posts

  • welcome to twitter @nakedguyinurpool #
  • uhh…scratch that last tweet. Should be “welcome to twitter @nakedguynurpool” #
  • trying out url highlighting in twitter #
  • one more: #
  • TinyURL has an API #
  • Pandora please keep your coldplay out of my playlists #
  • altitude is a disgusting misspelling of latitude #
  • @chriseaster The best part of the story was the last 4 lines: “Must have been a slow work day, huh?” #
  • Thank you post office staff for being rude, and for making fun of me. I really appreciate it. #
  • why is my first thought “fight” when my body is already in “flight”?? #
  • @ctshryock @charlesmhudson For fear of repercussions of people literally going “postal” I am keeping my twitter feed quiet of that story #

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