Today’s twitter posts

  • I forgot to listen when I was telling myself that an rss feed will not work as a sitemap for google. What was I doing? #
  • Apparently Wendy’s employees get paid too much #
  • My blog currently ranks on the second page for my name. There are people who have had websites longer, but I will be #1, oh yes I will. #
  • you follow me, with 1 update in your account, you are following 90+ people and only 5 following you…uh, no I’m good. #
  • Do I even want to know what happened to Dennis Rodman? I don’t think I do. He scares me #
  • Do I accept the offer of $130 for a domain, ask for $150 (it started $200) or start an auction at $130??? #
  • @chriseaster Thought you would be interested in this: #

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