Today’s twitter posts

  • I really wish I had a video recorder on my iPhone #
  • 48 emails and 92 twitter posts to start out my day… #
  • @jhartikainen yeah, i know. It’s pretty lame that the iPhone cant/wont do it without jailbreak. #
  • @ctshryock you gotta protect the baby!!! *hopefully getting it today, even though its scheduled for tomorrow. #
  • The tubes provide Soma for the masses (social anesthesia) #
  • @ctshryock haha, yeah, but he must really LOVE his computer. Is it like putting a kid in a stroller? #
  • @oudiantebi Thank GOD that IE6 is dying, I can only hope that people realize windows has updates available… #
  • asking people to stop posting the same thing to twitter repeatedly. #
  • I think FedEx is walking my macbook to Denver, the status hasn’t changed since Saturday. #
  • I don’t believe that going from a paid for, built, indexed website to a yahoo pages website is ever a good idea. #
  • The FedEx guy came and dropped off a package, it was too small. I asked, and he said he’s not coming back today. :( Maybe tomorrow? #
  • @ctshryock with a yahoo pages site, or fedex? #
  • Apple finally charged me for MacBook Pro. I am paying off the card with money in my bank. No balance to carry over!! #
  • @ctshryock boo. Thats gross #
  • Paying cash for $4200 worth of wedding stuff and macbook feels like I am doing something naughty. #
  • @chriseaster haha, the reservation/deposit for our location. Was ~2400 total. But, 1300 will go towards food. #
  • @chriseaster uh…my friends and family…not me!! #
  • Mizzou Tigers Rugby shirts $10 #
  • What kind of person would deny the holocaust existed? A Catholic Bishop, that’s who! #
  • @chriseaster I’ll see if you have what I am looking for. #
  • do people still use xanga? really? #

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