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  • Jst got a complete list of all the movies that were ever nominated for oscars #
  • I hate having to mark 2000 rss feed posts as read, but I just couldnt ever read that many #
  • why internet explorer is better, can firefox do this?? #
  • We are streaming the inauguration coverage live at the office today. We were watching Hulu but realized it was fox news. Now its on #
  • @tomtague awesome, thanks! in reply to tomtague #
  • @charlesmhudson or are both streaming it live in reply to charlesmhudson #
  • @charlesmhudson He didn’t accidentally shoot himself in the face with his own shotgun did he? #
  • Sobe drink lids are dangerous, make sure to wear leather gloves when using one of their bottles. #
  • My personal blog is here: #
  • Phone Gap is a API for web based mobile device app development #
  • @ctshryock let him go as fast as possible in reply to ctshryock #
  • Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep @TheOnion #
  • Stumbleupon you are hilarious, this is a referral link to my blog: blog: #
  • CNN has an NFL skycam at the inauguration #
  • hulu seems to be about 10 seconds ahead of #
  • Can you feel the change? YES WE CAN #
  • Just spent 2.99 to make sure I never run out of sudoku puzzles on my iPhone ever again #
  • Using this spoon to eat mac & cheese is like using a snow shovel to fill a water bottle #
  • rsync –cvs-exclude ignores .exe files…booo #

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