Today’s twitter posts

  • @ctshryock I’m halfway to affording my MacBook Pro!! #
  • @davebirchall Google Ad Manager. OR OpenX #
  • 18.5MB for Microcraps Silverlight plugin on a Mac #
  • @ctshryock haha! Good luck with that! What size you wanting to get? #
  • @ctshryock I think thats what I am going to do as well, my 17″ dell was too much to carry everywhere, and impossible in most situations #
  • @goffik what mobile device are you trying to get gmail on? I have never had a problem #
  • @specker could you send me a link about Barack’s new phone? #
  • @goffik Ahh, sorry to hear that. #
  • @goffik maybe a little of both…haha j/k #
  • Is it off to be paranoid that the people around you can hear your thoughts? #
  • @dotcomlarry wow, that is not a bad idea. #
  • From @dotcomlarry: Wondering when Twitter username is going to replace e-mail in blog comment fields. #
  • Viewing your own google search history is like looking directly at your soul #
  • I decided to try following @MrTweet and see how his service fares towards my goal for world domination. Thanks @dipps #
  • Creepy #
  • embryonic stem cell research on spinal cord injuries approved by FDA #
  • Inside the tunnels of Gaza, they are transporting freakin cows!! #
  • Going for Thai food, I am very excited. I am going to get a 4 and hope they give me a 9 #
  • It seems that Packet8 forgot to renew their domain…whoops. #
  • @discocrabs I am a web developer by trade (P.S. use @ with twitter name to reply to people!) #
  • Dear Comcast, Please stop treating my bill like a yo-yo, it should never go up $40/month without any information from you. #
  • Comic: A new shampoo – #
  • It’s 2:30 – Time for Beer!! #
  • This is fucked up: (I love explosm) #
  • click the last frame any comic #
  • @jhartikainen Doo Doo Do Do DOO..Hey! #
  • @charlesmhudson We’re starting our marketing meeting #
  • @charlesmhudson yessir #

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