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  • @ctshryock Did you get your new lappy? or are you just checking out the competition? in reply to ctshryock #
  • @chriseaster You have to submit them via google base in reply to chriseaster #
  • @ctshryock Have a side client that won’t listen when I say “DONT put a flash landing page on your site”. They want to see the pretty video in reply to ctshryock #
  • I just got done making aggregating RSS feeds for #
  • @chriseaster It was last time I looked. I believe that you just have to give them an XML doc to parse in reply to chriseaster #
  • @chriseaster was a while ago when I last set a site up with that in reply to chriseaster #
  • I am wishing the columbia tribune had rss feeds for all their categories…boo to you #
  • is giving up on columbia missouri news stations rss feeds. Idea for local devs: links in head tag, rss button, category rss #
  • Why is the missourian one of the best general news outlets in Columbia, Missouri? #
  • just gave me “Server is too busy” message, instead of serving up pages…wow #
  • @ctshryock Thats what I told them, they wont listen, and they pay me money, so I listened in reply to ctshryock #
  • @ctshryock exactly, it also doesnt help when I am the contractor of the contractor of the contractor… in reply to ctshryock #
  • For those of you who are Burn Notice fans: I am convinced that his mother is who burned him, because she just wanted him in Miami #
  • Dear news companies: if you have an rss feed list, link the name of the feed in the left column to its respective webpage, link icon to rss #
  • Columbia Missouri news done, here: #
  • Filled in the last 3 states that didnt make it the first time, apprntly phpmyadmin’s export functionality sux. I’m not even sure why I tried #
  • @ctshryock Yes, mysqldump is way better #
  • wordpress hashcash, plugin update blocker, core update blocker plugins are all on my “never ever use” list #
  • Listening to the echo of a conference call with two out of 3 people in the call on separate phones. Im one of them…its a weird experience #
  • I dig this picture: italics. #
  • is available #
  • Playing with TwitterFall…finding this interesting #
  • – Hey, what is that doing in my captcha!! Apparently, Digg is working on putting other derogatory words in cap … #
  • @jalada Thanks! #
  • Looks like we might get snowed into the office today #
  • @chriseaster Having a cement floor and high ceilings has its benefits! #
  • @charlesmhudson I believe aaron marchbanks has used that site before, I think he suggested it to me once #
  • @charlesmhudson Yeah, he gave me the suggestion after I bought something on there from another site for more money…so i didnt get a chance #
  • is currently floored by DopBox #
  • Modest Mouse just wasnt doing it, I’m hoping Tece n9ne can pull me through #
  • My client wanted his personal blog to rank on 1st page for his name. 0 posts in, I have it ranking #5, just wait for him to post content!! #
  • @charlesmhudson I will say though, that Q’s in COMO is the shizzle. Yeah, the shizzle #
  • @chriseaster Set up simple page w/ the number of home runs left until he gets to the record. Make it HTML and just update when he gets one #
  • @chriseaster I’ll tell you where you can submit it to get some attention #
  • Everytime I try to update my twitter image, twitter tells me the tubes are full, and the picture doesn’t upload. no matter what size it is #
  • @charlesmhudson Ahh true true, that is a sad story when you are really craving Qs and can’t have it. Like trying get Bangkik at 2:30PM #
  • @chriseaster Setting up the simple page (i mean really simple) and then putting a “buy now” link at bottom would raise your chances #
  • A big welcome to twitter for @funkybrewster. She’s the place to go for Coffee catering in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas! #
  • @chriseaster I do what I can for ya! The ARod thing would be a quick deal #
  • @jhartikainen wow, congrats!! #
  • Uhh, boss is flaunting his “Nice. Cold. Coca Cola #
  • I have given up coke for two months…I am 26 days in #
  • @jhartikainen I gave up all soda to see if my health improved after 2 months. That is the timeframe my dad said he lost 20lbs in. #
  • I would like to be able to vote on a song from the coverflow view in Pandora #
  • @jhartikainen Shit man, I commit multiple times a day! #

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