Todo list software is missing…

In the process of putting together a list of software I have looked at I came across This is the closest software I have found to what I am looking for! They allow grouping on your combined lists outside of the normal “project” grouping, but giving you date and priority grouping!

I already wrote up all the stuff below, so I will keep it there.

If I just ignorantly glanced over this same feature elsewhere, please tell me!!


I went on a quest for Todo list software because of my post about what I’m looking for from a todo list.

First I should say, all of these products are worthy todo lists. I am a picky bastard and want a very specific use case. Any one of these products could probably add in what I am looking for and solve my use case immediately. Now, if I’m the only one looking for this, I wouldn’t expect them to do that at all.

Here’s what I have found so far…


This is project management software that I at one time was intimately familiar with, because I used it every day. If I ever need PM software, I will go here first and not look anywhere else. Their support is awesome and I still to this day talk with their devs on Twitter because they are awesome people.


Looks awesome. I love that you can have status-based lists. However, I still don’t have the universal todo list.


For me, this is not really any better than Evernote.  I like that they have done a ton of work to make this so clean and minimalist, but having to drive my way through lists of lists makes my anxiety skyrocket. I couldn’t finish the video.


Beautiful UI. OMG, it’s so clean. I actually installed this on my laptop. I found that I can’t tag anything so I am forced to write “tag name: task title” which drives me crazy, because it would be fantasmic to be able to pull all tasks by tag. Also, my heart fluttered when I saw there was an “All” list, but then I found that it wasn’t any better than what I can get with TeamworkPM’s all tasks list.

Likely Products

These guys hit me up on Twitter. I have no idea what they do, but their marketing material is decent. They also said they forwarded my ideas to their team for their potential software release that is to come. I signed up for Beta, to see what they come up with.


This was suggested by a friend, but I saw the price and said no thanks. I don’t want things for free, but I can’t afford the $90 entrance fee to this ride just to see if this is the solution for me.  To their credit, they have the syncing that I am looking for.


I have used this software before and really enjoyed it. At the time they didn’t have the universal todo list, instead they break it up like TeamworkPM does. Things, Wunderlist, and TeamworkPM are the closest to being able to have a solution to my problems.


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