Trying out Commission Junction

I have had a Commission Junction account for years, but never really had a good place to try it out.  I have something like 2000 advertisers who accepted my sites, mostly because I had grand aspirations to create the single greatest affiliate advertising website on the internet.  Reality hit me upside the head, and I gave up those aspirations of grandeur. Plus, it was a freaking horrible idea.

Anyways, I still have an account with Commission Junction (CJ), so I figured I would try to put some ads up on Failed Proposals.  The site is all about videos and stories of failed wedding proposals. So, it fits that I would want to put wedding related ads on the site.

I found some of my current advertisers who I have approved my sites and I, and I picked a couple for a “Smart Zone”.  A Smart Zone is a feature from CJ, which allows you to group some links together and then use a single piece of JS to display the ads on your site.  I installed this JS and waited, as they say it could take at least 24 hours for the ads to show.

When I came back to the site 2 days later, there were no advertisements showing on the site.  It looked to me like the JS was not working correctly.  I am not sure what the problem was/is really, so I looked for another way to skin this cat.

I remembered the WP-ADS plugin for wordpress, installed it, and inserted the html from CJ in as banners with the location of “header”.  Now, I have to wait again, for a day or a couple of hours (so says CJ) for the ads to show up on the site.

I am hoping that this works, because it would be great to have the ads actually pulling income from the site.

As an added bonus, I also used WP-ADS to place Google Adsense ads into the header and sidebar.

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