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I have been doing quite a bit of marketing via Twitter recently.  During this effort, I have noticed a couple of trends in the automatic Direct Messages I am getting when I follow people. (I am assuming that most people have an automatic Direct Message).  Some of them I don’t like, some I understand, and some I feel are inappropriate.  You make the call, I just listed them in generic groups below.


  • You’re following me?  FABULOUS!  U Rock!  Let the tweets begin.
  • Thanks for the follow! You rock :) Please check out my Young Internet Entrepreneur blog ******
  • You totally ROCK, thanks for the follow! Please @me anytime. Seen ***** yet? How can I help U?


What I don’t understand about this one is, I am following you on Twitter so that I don’t have to find you on FaceBook.  Also, facebook (for me) is a site for personal relationships, not business or casual encounters.

  • Thx for the follow! Extreme value on new group in facebook ***** check it, and see for yourself
  • Thanks for following me! Please feel free to add me on Facebook “***** ******”.
  • Hello ****. Great to connect with you. Feel Free to add me on Facebook too: *****
  • Thanks for following me *****, let’s also connect on Facebook – ******
  • Thanks for the follow, look forward to learning more about you. Lets connect on Facebook *****


  • thank you for following, ? I’ll try to find you as many job leads as I can!
  • hey thx for following me ****! i use Twitter for both personal and business so feel free to ask anything :)
  • Thanks for following Kona Endurance. We help pro and amateur endurance athletes increase VO2 max and reduce lactic acid.
  • Thank you so much for the follow. If there is any way that I can support you, please let me know. I wish you the best.

Genuine Response

  • Thank you, great concept! I will do, not sure what to do as the full site isn’t live yet. The beta will be live in March.
  • Thank you for following me. I am going to follow you back! :)
  • It’s nice to meet you, *****.  Thanks for following.


  • Obrigado por me seguir! Thanks for following me! Diga-me como lhe posso ser útil. Let me know how I can help you.


These are DMs with religious connotation.

  • Have A Blessed day.
  • Happy New Year, and may you have many more blessed days.
  • Thanks for following  me *****.May God continue to bless you and your family. *****
  • thanks for the follow…blessings.


  • Nice to Tweet you!  Hope I can share with you my world!
  • Hello, im looking forward to reading your updates, dont be a stranger!
  • Thanks for following… Look forward to Tweeting with you!
  • Thanks for following me. look forward to tweeting with you
  • Welcome to the stream enjoy our moments in time
  • Hi – Thanks for sharing the journey with me!  Look forward to tweeting with you soon…

Site Links

I call these spammy, because they are DMs intended to get people to have a second chance to see a site link or URL.

  • thanks for following me.Join my unisuccess space for better networking :
  • Thanks for following me. Check out where we giveaway a pair of shoes every 17 seconds
  • Thnx for following! I will follow u 2! BTW I just launched my book! ->
  • Thank you for following I look forward to your Tweets
  • Thanks for following  me! Be sure to check out my site and comment a post!  IT TAKES ONLY 10


These are different than site links, because they usually come with the “get my free gift” message.

  • Thanks for following, look forward to getting to know you. Posted some cool gifts for you at
  • Thank you for following me! Meanwhile you can watch this free videos about list building @
  • Hi and Thanks for the follow! Grab Your Free Copy of *The Twitter Report* @
  • Here’s my gift to you Thanks for following me. I look forward to connecting more!
  • Hey Twitter friend, thanks for the follow! – The Monetizer’s moneymakers are here:


  • Thanks for following @TopWineNews (Wine Lover). Tell us what you’re drinking tonite and we’ll RT, sharing with the Twibe.
  • Thanks for following Twit2Win! Good luck in our Tweetstakes!
  • Thanks for following me. I look forward to networking with you in the months ahead.  Ask me about SocialTo

Do you have a category that should be added here? How about a classic DM that you have received?

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  • Kaushan

    Nice collection!

    I’ve just got your direct msg and I don’t see it in this list

    Btw – why I can’t send you direct msg on twitter ?

    • Matt Bernier

      I have not put any of my Direct Messages in this list. These are all direct messages, changed slightly to protect the innocent. The reason you cannot send me a direct message via twitter is because I am probably not following you via Twitter.

      However, you can always send me a message by typing @mbernier when you write a message in Twitter.